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I was recently asked a really interesting question from a prospective client and I’m sure it was her most serious 'test me' question. Here it is: “What do you believe is the most effective ‘one' thing to ensure healthy revenue generation?”

As I thought about the answer (quickly!) it reminded me of all the stories/tales you hear about “the one thing.” It actually made me smile as I answered.

My answer was: “Go ask your customers how you can make doing business with you as easy and as simple as possible.”

If you look at companies today that make business transactions 'special' they are always among the most successful. They seem to have thought through the process so that the process for completing the sale or doing the business has become simple and has a people oriented touch and feel about it. To achieve simplicity means that the attention and study of the detail has been extreme; every facet of the process has been explored such that the expertise about the process steps is in depth. And by becoming an expert at understanding how it feels to do business with yourself, you can determine what is really necessary to simplify the experience and make it easy.

Have you ever heard the world’s best expert on a topic speak and when they summarize the discussion or presentation you think, “wow, they really get it because its so clear and simple to understand.” Its the same concept when working with customers to gain greater revenue (with good profit). If you make efforts to really make the transaction experience a special one, the clients will come back for more and more.

What is the ‘one’ thing for Revenue Health?

Sept 15, 2014 by Alex MacKay

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