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Revenue is the number one driving force of all organizations. And the ‘Leadership’ of the organization is the root cause of its success. Most seem to think its the quality of the market or the depth of products/services and while good leaders pay attention to such serious items, in the end result – it’s leadership.

And leadership is key because it comes first. The organization of people and resources into a team to produce profitable revenue follows strong leadership. When CEOs and their executive teams understand this and see the results of putting it into action, the result becomes more and faster generated revenue, on a continual and profitable basis.

The simple reason is all revenue comes based on fairly complex networks of sales/marketing, logistics, distribution, legal, manufacturing, financial, channels, inputs/outputs, locations, etc, etc. Most focus on the details; leaders focus on building people and systems that harness such resources and set in motion action that leads to dominant positions in selected targets.

When a team sees leadership as the true driver of revenue, then they create an organization of people and functions with systems to support the achievement of targets. Such teams will almost always overcome obstacles faster than anyone else and move to positions of dominance. On such teams, a lot of ‘soft’ people oriented cultural traits emerge (motivation, risk taking, ownership/accountability, decisiveness, open feedback, and so on).

Good leadership will almost always end up trumping good products/services.

If you want to generate profitable revenue, always invest in your people and build/develop/hire strong leaders.

What is a Chief Revenue Officer?

Aug 15, 2014 by Alex MacKay

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