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While there is a long list of what CEOs do, a majority will tell you that their ability to focus on items such as strategy, people development, customer care, public responsibility, etc is predicated on having a predictable and sustainable revenue generation capability. And for most, status quo is not satisfactory; it’s also about profitable revenue growth.

Almost without exception, when I tell people the name of my practise, and explain that its the reality of most organizations, they smile and look directly at me with an expression that says, “oh, so true.”

I chose CEOs Who Want Revenue (CWWR) because it’s a truth of business that I know.

The CEO Advisor function is the most common form of service from CWWR. An Advisor can take on many forms but at CWWR being 'active' in the business is preferred.

Involvement typically includes tailored parts of the following:

Terms of Board Advisor set ups are all customized to meet client needs.

Jun 16, 2014 by Alex MacKay

CEO Advisor: what is CWWR?

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