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The short answer: An effective go to market plan must be fully executed to create revenue.

To accomplish this requires a significant amount of creative market intuition combined with knowledge about what really works on the 'street.' While a go to market strategy and plan can take on many forms, the mandatory components include:

  1. Definition of the market opportunity (targets, channels, resources needed, competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, risks to meet targets and mitigating strategies to manage the risks).
  2. Establish the value (a clear, concise value proposition) of the solution and associated pricing and positioning strategies.
  3. Define the go to market strategy, including best methods (collateral, campaign methods) targets, timelines, scope of market coverage, and the right people in the right role of execution.

A well thought out plan with a few smartly selected methods (email, trade show, telemarketing, etc.) will make all the difference between go to market plans that create revenue and those that simply sound good in theory.

What makes an effective go-to-market plan?

Mar 23, 2014 by Alex MacKay

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